About the Exhibition

Allocation of Exhibition Space

Space Allocation will be made on a “first come, first served” basis. A completed Exhibition Booking Form should be emailed to ensure reservation of a desired location. Upon receipt of the Exhibition Booking Form space will be confirmed and an invoice will be emailed and the printed one can be mailed upon request.

** Note for corner stalls ( two side opening ) a premium charge of 15% will be charged Extra
Standard Shell Scheme

  • Standard construction for stand, company name on stand
  • Two fluorescent lamps of 40 watts, one reception desk and two folding chairs
  • Standard booth (3 x 3), (2 x 2) shell scheme booth
  • The booth cost includes the following :
  • 2 (Two) exhibitors’ badge for every 3 x 3 booth
  • Shell scheme frame
  • Fascia panel with standard lettering
  • Two fluorescent lamps of 40 watts
  • One reception desk
  • Two folding chairs
  • 2 Power outlet

Exhibitor Registration

  • All exhibitors are required to be registered and will receive a badge displaying the exhibiting company name. Two (2) exhibitor badges will be given for 9 sqm booked.
  • An Exhibitor Badge allows your booth personnel full access to the exhibition, to your own company’s session and to the Opening Ceremony – but not to the general conference program.

Floor Plan